When I made a friend while travelling

Me and my friend Wati took a trip to Kasol and tosh in the month of July. Himachal, one of the most breathtaking places in the northern India. As beautiful as it is, the better the journey. Truly being said, “Journey better than the destination”. The ride from Delhi to Himachal is in itself is an adventurous and scenic ride. You will get to see the most unknown, undiscovered small towns, beautiful hills and just so much greenery. There’s so much to see and discover in Himachal. But with the shortage of time we could only cover Kasol and Tosh village, which is a few miles away from Bhuntar. Kasol as it is known for all the hipsters and the Israeli’s who have settled there. There’s more than that to it. They have the most lavishing and affordable cuisines, mostly Israeli food but there’s so much of variety as well. The best part about the restaurants would be the cozy ambience or a rooftop cafe which probably serves the best lemonade ever.

Kasol, also might be sometimes mistaken for Kasauli which is also a part of Himachal Pradesh but not really even the tiniest bit like Kasol. So don’t ever be truly mistaken for the name and go to Kasauli instead of Kasol.
The second trip to Tosh village was the most refreshing and reviving trips for the summer. Anyone who would go up to that village and just trek even for a day or two would be left in awe of the beauty and peace that surrounds that place. The hotel rooms would most likely be very pocket friendly even if you plan on staying for a longer time. The villagers and the people around you would be very friendly and direct you to the right place if you ask for directions or a recommendation for a good hotel.

If you love animals or dogs in particular. You would fall in love with this place because they have shepherd dogs all around and if your lucky enough you find one on your way to the trek or the waterfalls. Then the dog would lead your way to wherever you ought to go. Either it’s the waterfalls or the highest peak of the mountain. The dog will be there with you and for you till the end!

You need to get on your trekking shoes and equipments if you decide on going for a long trek cause it isn’t all easy as it seems. There are steep roads and you don’t want to be wearing your slippers if you plan on doing that. At the end of the trek or while you are on your way back to the hotel you will find some mouth

watering food in little cafes which aren’t all that cheap but pretty worth for the price paid. After all you just need a fresh meal and a can of juice when your done with a long trek.

If the busy life of your city has gotten to you, I’d suggest you pack your bags and take a trip to Himachal Pradesh and treat yourself with the delicacies of the nature and let it enlighten & rejuvenate the person within you.
Because sometimes “all we need is that little trip away from all the worries of the world.”

A new friend found in my shepherd dog. Who accompanied me and my friend till the waterfalls and then back. We named him ‘Tiku’