What makes Lala Land reach for the Oscars?

Credits: Huffington Post

After being nominated for 8 categories in the Academy awards 2017, including being nominated for Best Actress, actor, picture, cinematography. Even though it almost won the Best Film in 2017 defeated by Moonlight. LaLand managed to win 5 Academy awards, one for Best Actress, cinematography, director, original music score and production design. So, here’s why Lala Land made it way to the oscars.

If dance number and musical are your thing then Lala Land might be worth watching. The movie starts with a catchy music that will make you wonder if you’re actually watching a musical. The dance number starts from a traffic scene in Los Angeles, which might sound a little cheeky but once you watch reach the end of the song, you might actually start moving body or tapping your feet in the theatre. The song is called ‘Another day of sun’, which is a great start to the movie and compliments the movie throughout.

Mia(Emma Stone) who struggles her way from one audition to the other and works in a Barista in the Warner Bros studio meets Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) in the midst of the traffic. One might say it was more of a moment road rage with Sebastian. Coming back home from another one of her unsuccessful audition, Mia’s roommates persuade her to come to a party to let ease. That is when another dance number starts as they get ready for the party and then on their way to it. The movie consists of many more music-dance numbers that surprises you and keeps you entertained.

While everyone enjoys the party, Mia steps out of the party and finds her that her car has been towed and then walks in the quite streets, singing while walking along the way. Where, she stops to a sound of a piano playing. She enters the room and find Sebastian, the one she had a moment of road rage with. Sebastian is a pianist, who plays at a restaurant to survive his way and dreams of being in a jazz band or even opening a jazz club one day. Mia goes to appreciate him and when she does, Sebastian gets fired from his only job that pays his rent because his boss finds him playing one of his own music. The boss wants him to stick to the list of Christmas Carols that he has to play in the restaurants and has already warned him long ago. Sebastian leaves the room without acknowledging Mia.

They meet again at a party, where Sebastian is playing the keys but this time he is in a Pop-band, not quite the type of music he would play. Mia taunts him by requesting the song ‘I ran’ and both meet after the song. Not, that Mia and Sebastian click at the first look but along the way they both grow fond of each other and start living together. The movie shows the constant struggle an artist has to go through to make it in real life and not be sold out and compromise what you don’t believe in. Sebastian encourages Mia to write a play of her own while he joins a RnB band with one of his old friends. Mia’s play is awfully unsuccessful and both of them stop giving time to each other and eventually end their relationship.

A few years down the road they find their own paths and become successful in their talents. Before the end, the scenes get a little draggy but the songs and the dance numbers are definitely enlightening. It is a great struggle for an artist to believe in themselves and not to get sold out for others opinions and really stick to what they really want and believe in. The movie shows the greater importance of achieving and making it in life over the little romance that you might find on your way. Not that Mia does not stay happy with her new guy and her family but just the fact that both cross their ways at the end and smile at each other shows that they are happy for each other not just in terms of love but also in terms of their careers. A true bliss and a mixture of drama, music and so much that Lala Land offers.