‘Food and Books’- is all we need

The Trend that combines the foodies and the bookworms, serves a greater cause.

Everyone loves going out dining and eating some good food, but food is not just what people look for anymore. People want more than just food, and many cafe’s all over the world offer their customers just more than just food and drinks. They now, have to compete with many other who also entertain them or has a special niche to the place. For, the book worms many bookstores across the globe have come up with innovative, in store cafe’s or a coffee shop. And we all know books and coffee go together like bread and butter.

‘Cook and Book’ in Brussels has a completely different aesthetic theme, where you can find books with 800 titles hanging from the ceiling in the literature section. There are also customised motorcycle helmets and Champagne bottles all around. The store has two restaurants, one with a multi-page menu with items like steak and toasts, while the other section has a menu with a long wine list.

cook&book bookshop bruxelles
Cook and Book in Brussels. Picture Credit: Bookstore Guide

There are similar cafe cum bookstores in India. One of the first to launch something like that was ‘Oxford Bookstores’ in New Delhi. The cafe is called ‘Cha Bar’, which has an exquisite continental and India food menu, from pizzas to samosas and even chai. They have all kinds of tea’ in their menu, ginger, Bollywood masala, cardamom, masala, you name it and they have that on the menu. The menu is low-priced so that everyone can afford, while they end up buying a book before they sit and drink a cup of tea or vice or versa. The bookstore offers you a cozy book room, where you can just indulge in a cozy read, a perfect place for a one one one conversation over a cup of chai.

The trend just does not end there, but there are various bookstores in India who are launching an inside a bookstore cafe. Higginbothams started an in cafe called ‘The Writer’s Cafe’ in Chennai. It offers their customers some of the most exquisite, delicious Italian menu and waffles that are served to you at extremely affordable prices. The cafe also supports a noble cause and employs burn survivors and teach them to bake cakes. Karan Manavalan, who is the Unit Head and chef at the newly opened cafe tells Scoopwhoop News that the restaurant works closely with the non-profit organisation International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC), which receives the profits earned from the cafe.

Writer’s cafe in Chennai. Photo Credits: Twitter

Including food and books and using it for a greater cause is what Higginbothams, Writer’s Cafe does. While it unites the book lovers and foodies, and brings them together, it also serves a great cause for the society. Isn’t that what we need the most in our society? The manager of the cafe said that, “Our cause is for the greater good, we want books and food to unite the people and use the profit for the victims of the acid attacks and the burn survivors.”

There is a similar cafe in New York, ‘Housing Work Bookstore Cafe’, whose staff mostly comprises of volunteers and all the profits from the bookstore and the cafe goes to an institution that is dedicated to working with the homeless community affected by AIDS. While, eating and reading does all the good in the world, C.S. Lewis says, “Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably”.