Indrani Cosmetics: The Perfect Way To Pamper Your Skin During Quarantine!

Summers are the absolute best time to treat and pamper yourself and considering the situation right now, you need it all the more. As you’re cooped up at home and cannot go to your salons, all you could do is give yourself that ‘salon treatment’ at home.

After, using a couple of products that I ordered online, I’ve been really looking for a brand that is new and authentic to what it says on its description and luckily I found one Pune-based brand called ‘Indrani Cosmetics’ that caters to the same. I was lucky enough to be reached out by the brand and to have tried and tested their awesome range of skincare, which I absolutely loved to the core.

As soon as I received my package I was absolutely thrilled to open and smell each of them, because I love when a product smells incredibly good and it definitely did not disappoint me at all as everything has a unique fragrance to it!

On top of that, the packaging is super colourful and chic, that you would definitely want to get some shots for your Instagram with it.

I’ve received four products from Indrani Cosmetics and as much as I love each and everyone of them, here’s a detailed review of each of the product that is real and authentic just like their products!

#1 Chocolate Body Wrap

Yes, the product is exactly like it sounds, made from rich cocoa powder and mixed with other great ingredients like beeswax and glycerin to help attain that super soft supple skin after a shave or wax. As you know I’m obsessed with good fragrant skincare, this one smells amazing and so good and chocolaty that you’d want to try to taste it after you whiff it.

After using the product on my arms and elbows, I instantly saw a difference and even noticed that I didn’t have dry elbows anymore which was honestly quite shocking to me. But, trust me this product does wonders on your dry skin, don’t underestimate its small size as it has amazing results on your body!

Get this product here

#2 Gold Gel

You must be wondering if the chocolate wrap was so authentic then would the gold gel be made of gold too? Well, the ingredients does have gold dust included in it so let’s leave it to that.

And let me tell you that this product is (hands down) one of the best face gels I’ve ever used. It’s crazy how my skin was glowing and looking like ‘gold’ after it washed my face.

No irritation, no dryness or any sort of reactions, just pure amazing happy skin!

Get this product here

#3 Spa Facial Kit

Every facial kit has its own uniqueness to it, but I personally only use a few as my skin is quite sensitive to certain products which makes me hesitant to use facial kits. But, I definitely didn’t have any doubt when it came to using Indrani Cosmetics Spa Facial Kit as even other products suited me so well that I didn’t have to worry about it.

And if I have sensitive skin and it suits me so well then I bet it will suit any type of skin, whether oily, dry or combination. What I loved about the kit was the cute minimal packaging, I love that it comes in a compact pack that you can use and take with you when you travel as well.

Secondly, I loved the Spa Gel scrub, aloevera massage cream and sea-green face mask. I used the three of them to give myself a relaxing massage and then pampered myself with the face mask at the end, and this is how my skin looked post that. Doesn’t it look great? The picture says it all!

Get this product here

#4 Lavender Bath Salts

Having great bath salts is a secret to having ‘a good bath’ but fret not if you don’t have a bath tub you can also use bath salts to do pedicure at home. As the salts are good in detoxifying your skin and removes all the dirt and unnecessary dead skin from your body.

This one by Indrani Cosmetics is lovely, smells amazing and I bet if you use it in your bath tub then it will make you feel like a lavender bouquet!

Get this product here

Their products don’t just soothe your skin but also enhances your summer spirits up, so I would totally recommend you guys to try at least one of their amazing skin range and make quarantine skincare much more fun and wholesome!

Shop their products from here

Check out their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter here

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