Perfect something.

So many times we look at other people and see how perfect their lives are. Or start dreaming about how ours could be. But is it actually true? Are their lives actually as perfect as it seems on their Facebook walls or their HD pictures. Well the answer is no. It isn’t. No ones is! 
There’s no such thing as a perfect life. No one can have a picturesque life. Everyone has their own ups and downs. Infact sometimes the people who show they seem to be having the perfect life can have the most messed up life. Not everyone, but most of the people.
Everyone tries to find happiness in things, people and the things that is happening around them. But no one or no situation can actually lead you to a fully happy life. 

Happiness is often compared or used as a synonym to joy. But the truth is that it is way much more different than happiness. Joy is the inner peace from within. Which you usually attain from doing un selfish deeds. Many times we define our happiness by doing selfish things which includes many times pampering ourselves. Not that it’s bad. 

But if you really want to find joy then it’s no piece of cake. It takes a lot of efforts to attain it. Also there’s contentment in joy. Joy is something that when you reach a position where you have attained it. You don’t feel like going for more, or needing more things.

So remember that there is no such thing as “perfect something”. Attain the joy that you desire. Be out of your shelfs! Pun intended. And just don’t go out their to find happiness but find joy in whatever you do. Because happiness is temporary but joy is everlasting 🙂 


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