Have you ever come across something so terrifying that you don’t want to go near it? Or something that just seems so scary to do from afar like skydiving or car racing, etc. 
We all have our own fears, that we either can’t face or are so afraid to even try. Fear always holds us to be the in believable, it holds us from what we might be destined to. It is so crippling that we never even want to go ahead and try it or for that matter go near it.

Now this isn’t a article where I will talk about how to overcome your fear because I don’t know myself. I don’t have the answer myself. Fear has crippled me in so many ways to even go ahead and take a look at it. 

We all have different fears. Some might fear people, some fear things or species. Some fear the future and some are afraid of today itself. 

Why does fear exist? Have you ever thought about it? It exists in itself because we allow it to stay within us. We let people scare us of things that we don’t even know of. What if it’s not even true? What if I tell you that your fear does not exist? What if I tell you that you can do that thing you always wanted to do without anything haunting you not to do it?

What if? 

Sometimes it’s so important to ask ourselves what if?

What if? 

So go ahead and ask your self what if and not let fear or anything else haunt you or stop you from doing it! 

Peace out!


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