Have you ever felt so exhausted and tired of anything and everything around you. Like you don’t want to hear things from people, or live a life that others expect of you. Or maybe just tired of being in the same place you have been living for the past twenty years (yes that’s a lot).

There comes a moment in everyone’s lives that they just want to stop for a moment and live in the moment. Do the things you actually want to do. And live a life where there’s no one to stop you or tell you that this might not work out. Going away from this treacherous world of competitions, success, failures, revenge, jealousy and hatred. How can one even survive a day in a world like this.

The life of a nomad even though without a purpose is much more peaceful than ours. “Ours”, as in I refer to the city folks. Where we just run like dogs 24*7, chasing after something that might not even give us happiness. Chasing after success, money, fame and what not. Everyone needs a little bit of money, everyone needs a little bit of fame. But it brings us nothing but vain! 

The harsh reality of life, my friends is that we cannot escape this chain to survive in this world. Obviously we have to come back here in this hell hole and start the battle again to survive! But all we need right now is to escape. Escape from the iniquities of life. Go away for a while to a place unknown. Where no one knows who you are or where You are about to go. I lust to wander about on this earth, and start an irrevocable journey to the ends of this earth. I want to see each and every corner till the day I die. 
I am a human being who is tortured and torn by this city. I have lost my self somewhere in about a corner of a street. My heart has been broken and mended thousands of times that it has lost its original touch. I don’t need a temporary band aid to fix my wound. I need a permanent fixture for my heart and my soul! My soul longs for the un believable and irrevocable adventures. 
I will awake my soul and bring it to life. No matter what, no matter when. But I shall ESCAPE.

You Shall #ESCAPE

“I am in love with the cities I’ve never been to and the people I have never met”. 
-Paper Towns (John Green)


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