Move on!

Change is something which constantly reminding people to go on ahead and move on with their lives. It’s hard to deal with such change, especially when something really dear to your heart is taken away from you. Or maybe you expected something from a particular person but it never turned out to be the way you thought it would. Then all you can think is that life isn’t perfect at all. It isn’t going to be the way you saw in that chick flick or that love story because yours didn’t end up great.

Life takes unexpected turns, especially when you are least expecting it to. It comes and surprises you & gives you a heart attack (literally at times). The tough part is when you have to tell yourself that “you’ve gotta move on”. Imagine telling that to yourself at your worst. I have! But it’s the only option I had in order to continue living my life because the thing that was wasting so much of my time and energy was probably not even worth thinking about. That’s what I learnt. Because if it were that special then it would give me happiness not “take away my joy”. And guys anything that takes away your joy is not even worth thinking or imagining about.

The key is to simply “Move on”. It’s hard I know, I’ve been there, done that. But either it is to choose happiness at the present or just live in the past or the unprecedented future that you always thought about. At times like these just tell yourself “Come on! You can do this. You deserve happiness and not misery” and maybe even look up to God and ask him to help you. Trust me he surely does. “For if you ask it will always be given to you”. If you rely believe he created you, he will help you. You just need to reach out your hand and he will hold yours and help me get on with life.

So Don’t Keep Holding On.. Just Move On!!!


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