Tough times makes you stronger!

As I am writing this and saying these words which to some might not even make sense. But it is true indeed! Difficult or tough times makes us stronger. People often say it prepares us for the future. What future? And why do we even need to be prepared for the future, I wonder.

A future that leads us to a better tomorrow, a future that gives us Hope and the Hope that never disappoints us. Hope can never be seen. But it is something that we ourselves have to find within the time period when life is being unfair to us. Those are the times where we can find ‘Hope’.

Hope is always there waiting at the corner of a room for us to come and find it! At times we all might lose the agenda of living our lives. But it is important to remember that the grey clouds that ponder upon our heads is not going to stay there forever. And that there will be a time when the sun will come out and shine upon us.

All we can do is Wait, Hope and Pray. So that the good days can come soon for us to a love full of joy and for the sadness to come to an end!



2 Replies to “Tough times makes you stronger!”

  1. Sometimes its just better to stay home, and wake up next to some bar girl, then to wake up in the hoA.ptalisnd rolling over a van IS NOT something to do with a bar girl.Get well soon dude.


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