Sometimes you just want to rewind back the time. Undo the things you did, the mistakes that you made. So that something that is called ‘regret’ would never exist. It’s so hard at times to look back into the past and look at the “dumb you”. But as bitter as it is, you can’t turn back the time. You cannot go back and change the things that you did. The truth is bitter sweet because if those things would’ve not happened then you would’ve not been the same person as you are today.

Don’t you love yourself at the present. Not thinking about the things you used to care so much about. Not wasting your time obsessing about something that wasn’t even yours.

The situations that occurred to you made you who you are today! Even if God would give you a chance to go back and change one thing. What would it be? And would it even be worth it? Would it help you do better in life as an individual or would it just make things worse.

The best part about life is that it gives you another chance, not to go back and change things but to change yourself and help yourself to get it all together. To live a life free from troubles, anxieties, insecurities and hundreds of other things.

So if God comes to me and ask me would you want me to rewind the time back for you. I would smile at him and say “Can you give me a better tomorrow instead?”. It’s so important to remember that despite of what has happened, despite the life we have lived before. We can still change and hope for a better tomorrow!

RE-WIND is just something you can do to movies not for ones life.


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