Little shop just around the corner!

People are most likely fascinated by the big brands and large stores but there are few stores which might have some really good stuff but not as big as other stores. So this shop is one of them! 

The shop is owned by a young entreprenur from Nagaland (one of the North-East states in India) and is passionate about her small business. I found some really good earrings and they have a few hand bags, accessories at affordable prices too.
So here are the extravagant points which makes this store special! 
Number #1 Fashionable cum affordable jewellery 
The jewellery especially the earrings are definitely something worth glancing at or even buying because it’s not at all expensive. They have some really good collection starting from ₹ 100-300. But nothing goes more than ₹500. So if your a college student this is definitely “the place” to go and get some amazing pairs of earrings.

Number #2 The small gift bags
So as you can see in the picture they give away your earrings or anything you buy in a cute little but presentable gift bags which fascinates me and adds on to the services of the little store!
Anytime you are near hauz khas or in hauz khas village. You must go and pay a visit to this store if your a jewellery freak, a shoploholic or even someone who just needs some good jewellery to buy! 
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