Dang- The costume jewellery store

This store is found in the narrow lanes of Hauz Khas village, owned by a young passionate jewellery designer. You can find pretty interesting pairs of earrings, variety of rings, necklaces and many other jewellery items.

So what is the WOW Factor about this store, you must be wondering!
NUMBER UNO #1  Something Unique

Jewellery Designs are very classic and stylish. Whether you want something bohemian to wear or something to put on for a party. You can get everything here. The designs are new and un copied, so you’ll be wearing something that no one has probably ever worn. Isn’t that what we girls want? Something different.


NUMBER #2  Made With Bronze!

You might be wondering if Bronze is a place?! Well it is in the United States. Well that’s not the point. (Giggles) It is made in bronze literally, I mean the metal bronze. So most of the items are made with bronze which is a pretty good metal and the shine of the jewellery stays for a longer period of time.

NUMBER #3  For the money-conscious

For those who love buying jewellery which is cheap and fancy. This is the shop for you! Price ranges starts from Rs150 and goes on to Rs2000 maximum. The prices are pretty decent according to the quality of the products.



This is a ring I found, which was pretty was so classy and chic! Personally, I loved the variety of their ring collection. If you’re a “Ring Freak”. You must go here and since I’ve mentioned the reasons why this store stands out. I hope it’ll help you evaluate it better when you visit yourself 🙂

Thanks for reading. Peace!


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