Where it begins it certainly doesn’t end!

To formally introduce myself, I will first start out with my name! I’m Cathline Chen, Age 19. Born and brought up in New Delhi. I certainly belong to four neighbouring countries, i.e. India, China, Tibet and Nepal. So, I’m 25% of each of these countries but originally a Delhiete by heart. My dad is half Chinese half Tibetan so his mixed culture helped him to be an amazing Chef and also to feed us with some exquisite delicacies!
While I am partly a foody, partly shopaholic and a traveller (not that I’ve travelled all around the world) but yes one day I would like to travel across the Globe. But I will use whatever privileges I’ve been given and showcase one of my strengths which is writing. I love to write, and I’m not just saying that but I definitely mean it! Have you seen one of those people who maintain a dairy since when they were kids. Well! I’m one of them. When it comes to writing, I can do various things. Whether if it is writing a letter to someone, or a script, a short story or just reviewing something. I will take the challenge and do it! Cause that is what I love to do and am better expressed in words.
This page is mainly for the reviews of the most-fascinating restaurants, places to chill out and things to buy from cheap as well as good designer stores. Through this page I want people to truly know and experience certain places to enjoy their lives! So I hope I’ll do a good job and If you like my posts give it a thumbs up and +1d it!!




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