Monkey Bar!

The Pyramid Shaped Restaurant cum bar is itself an attraction amidst the South- east Delhi. Even though the restaurant is quite known by the college students and young working people. Yet it is still unknown to many. So here’s all you need to know about this restro-bar is that:-

Number #1
It is a Pyramid shaped building for real!

The concept of building a restaurant into a pyramid shape is exclusively innovative and I honestly went there because I wanted to see the building more than anything. But Monkey bar surprised me with other various attributes.

Number #2
The Space from the inside
Have you guys ever watched Harry Potter? In one of the parts they show a small tent which when entered is surprisingly large, beautiful and dynamic. That was the exact reaction I had when I entered this place. It is humungous! More than it seems from the outside. Great infrastructure and ambience and specially you won’t feel awkward sitting there with a bunch of friends or even alone.


Number #3 THE FOOD (The Burger in specific)

The food is AMAZING, I repeat AMAZING!! The rates aren’t as affordable but the service and the food is definitely worth the amount you pay. If you are a Burger lover then you should try The Lamb Burger. But do remember to wear your loose PJ’s while you eat them cause it is definitely filling.

The Drinks were pretty refreshing as well. They also serve alcohol and cocktails, which I didn’t and probably wouldn’t try 😉
The best thing about serving alcohol was that they kept a board outside saying “21 below not allowed after 6” which I think is pretty cool!
Number #4 The humorous Sign boards
 They have couple of humorous sign boards. One of them which I found on the women’s toilet and I laughed as I was doing my business.
So, this is all about Monkey Bar. I would highly recommend if you live in New Delhi or even if your planning to visit Delhi!
Best way to locate: That it is right at the opposite of Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj.
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4 Replies to “Monkey Bar!”

  1. Wow … !! I Generally travel from that way while coming from the office and its really unique its a place like a colony and you dnt usally find this kind of place its very unusal there is mini cars showroom out there and this pyramid shaped building made up of glasses which is a beauty i hope same kind of desine is also in paris famous i dnt knw wath it really is but i thought they had tried to make.something like that when i saw frist time i came to know its a resturant …. Whattttt a resturant thatssss so Coooool totally unique the ambience from inside looks so good in the pictures and i hope food is also great ..ya i mean i cnt taste through pictures but yes if i get chance ill surely go to this place …. Thank you very much Catline for the update there is so.much to explore more truely …. :)_


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